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Hey, congrats! Visiting my site is the first step into finding out more about how I can get your home sold. Please scroll and familiarize yourself with my services and contact me afterwards. Press the social media tabs to see all my recent solds and just listed. I look forward to talking to you soon!


A Little Bit About Myself

First off, this is my dream. I’ve always been passionate about sales and architectural design and with my interest in meeting new people; real estate was an amazing choice for me.


My journey in Vancouver real estate started early, where I interned at a brokerage while in high school. I was fortunate enough to gain experience in each market of Vancouver, aiding in the sales of various types of properties. By the time I had received my license, I had a fantastic group of clients and had the pleasure of making invaluable partnerships around the world.


Now with years of experience in the industry, I am forever grateful for the great memories and all of my clients that put their trust in me. In return, I advance my knowledge, services, and client experience to guarantee I give you the best real estate representation I possibly can.

- Ali Kaya 





Here is what you can expect from me. 

What are your plans after I sell your home? Let's talk about it! 

Modern Luxury Home

Video Presentations

My main marketing tool is simple, yet effective. A series of videos that not only encompasses your home's unique beauty and feel, but also the lifestyle it offers. My videos have a creative twist that provide daily insight as to how it would feel to purchase your property; all within a creative short video series.


Hear What’s Being Said!


“When I was looking for an agent to sell my home in West Vancouver, Ali was one of the agents I interviewed. After an hour of meeting with him, I knew he understood how to get buyers through the door. I took a chance on
him, and I`m glad I did. He went above and beyond and was always updating me with what was going on. He truly wants what`s best for you, and if you need to sell your home, call Ali"

Behrouz and Farshid S.

"I met Ali when he was spreading word door to door about another sale he was apart of in my neighborhood. He was knowledgeable and wasn`t pushy with any sales tactics. He simply was there to inform us on the market and the possibilities and because of that, I gave him a call a few weeks later about representing us and listing my home. I highly recommend him for anything to do with real estate!”

Harvinder S.

“I am happy I chose Ali to help with the
sale of my home. He is very
knowledgeable and respectful. I look
forward to continued business together.”

Mingyue O.

"Ali is the only agent I've trusted and I'm glad I did. He communicated openly which I thought was a breath of fresh air. He was always updating me each week with the progress of the listing and got it sold in no time. Call Ali if you want to sell."

Jaswinder B.

"Spoke to Ali about selling our home and downsizing and he took care of us the entire time. Was completely professional but was also personable and relaxed and we felt like we were working with a friend. I'm happy we found him, thanks Ali. "

Karen and Ross D.

“I met Ali by chance at a Starbucks in Vancouver. I
told him I had just constructed a new home in
Burnaby and was looking for agents. We met 3
days later and I was impressed by the research he
did of the area and how much desire he had to
showcase the house. Unfortunately, we didn’t
agree on the price. I had 4 other realtors tell me my
price was good and that they could sell it. However, Ali
told me it wasn’t priced to sell. I told him that he could
either list the home at my initial price, or I`d go
somewhere else. To my surprise, he told me he
couldn’t list it at that price because he wanted the
home to sell and not sit on the market. He actually
walked away from the listing. I thought it through
for a couple days and was so taken back that he
had chosen to leave a listing that I thought he must
actually have a point to what he was saying. I
know a lot of Realtors will agree on price because
they just want the listing, but he told me that he
wanted the sale. I called him and we got the deal
done. At our first open house, I drove past the
home and he had a line at the door and it was
crowded everywhere. We eventually sold above
ask and all I can say is, trust whatever he tells you.
He was the first Realtor to have me trust him. Thanks Ali.”



Edris and Monica


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